TasCOSS Campaigns

If we want real change in Tasmania we need to look at doing things differently.

Local people know their communities best, know what will make a difference, but do not always have the necessary resources to effect
the change they want and need.

TasCOSS works to help the community service sector and local people find the information and resources to make the change they want.

We do this by talking with our Members and locals in communities around the State, by developing resources, by amplifying your voices to Government and by recommending the way ahead to our public servants and State Ministers.

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COVID-19 Community Services Industry Noticeboard

Keep up to date with changes to service arrangements and closures due to the increasing precautions taken by community service organisations in response to COVID-19.

Changes to Work Arrangements for TasCOSS Staff

Due to the increasing precautions that are being undertaken in response to COVID-19, TasCOSS has made the decision for staff to commence working remotely from Monday 23 March 2020. The length of this arrangement is subject to advice from health authorities.

COVID-19 Preparation and Advice

All TasCOSS Members and community service organisations are encouraged to review their contingency plans to ensure minimal impacts to service delivery continuity and wherever possible, contribute to the recovery of individuals, communities and services.

Continuing the Fight Against Robodebt

Robodebt created a culture of fear and dread around our social safety net that has driven people away from support when they need it most.