TasCOSS Campaigns

If we want real change in Tasmania we need to look at doing things differently.

Local people know their communities best, know what will make a difference, but do not always have the necessary resources to effect
the change they want and need.

TasCOSS works to help the community service sector and local people find the information and resources to make the change they want.

We do this by talking with our Members and locals in communities around the State, by developing resources, by amplifying your voices to Government and by recommending the way ahead to our public servants and State Ministers.

Get Involved

Advocacy Kit: Energy & Low Income Tasmanians

TasCOSS has compiled an Advocacy Kit to support you and your organisation advocate on behalf of low income Tasmanians coping with electricity costs. In addition to facts and statistics, the Kit contains the voices of Tasmanians talking about their experiences with paying energy costs and staying warm.

Results of the Break O’Day Region Jobs Consultation

A common theme was the need to find sustainable industries for the winter months and to have training opportunities with local job outcomes attached.

Short-Stay Accommodation: TasCOSS Submission to the Legislative Council

Regulation of the short-stay accommodation sector should be driven by the needs of Tasmanians, not of corporations, with particular focus on rental availability and affordability for low-income Tasmanians.

Build a Tasmanian Budget for a Lasting Legacy

How do we break the cycle for our politicians? How do we empower them to celebrate big funding decisions into universal and preventive services with the same level of celebration as the big infrastructure spends or acute health bed increases?