TasCOSS Campaigns

If we want real change in Tasmania we need to look at doing things differently.

Local people know their communities best, know what will make a difference, but do not always have the necessary resources to effect
the change they want and need.

TasCOSS works to help the community service sector and local people find the information and resources to make the change they want.

We do this by talking with our Members and locals in communities around the State, by developing resources, by amplifying your voices to Government and by recommending the way ahead to our public servants and State Ministers.

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2017/18 TasCOSS Annual Report

Read a summary of TasCOSS activities during 2017/18.

2018 Tasmania Report: Time to Turn it Around

The potential of one-quarter of our people to participate in the social and economic opportunities our state offers and to live a good life is denied them by barriers that are not of their making.  Turning that around would be a game-changer for the future of our state.

Asking the Right Questions

If our State is ready to be asking how our elected Members can better represent us, then we are ready to ask what the best way to do that really is.

Wanted! Your Views on How We Can Work Together to Help Your Child Thrive

We are having conversations with parents and carers around the state to hear from them what makes it easier or harder to take their kids to early learning activities, whether in child care centres or other places in the community.