Rt Rev Dr Chris Jones, TasCOSS Life Member

Chris was made a TasCOSS Life Member in 2013.

He is an Anglican bishop and has been the CEO of Anglicare Tasmania Inc since 1988. Anglicare is a large community service and social justice organisation. Chris has completed a Doctor of Business Administration in governance of non-profit organisations. He has served on a number of Church and community organisation boards over the years including TasCOSS.

TasCOSS Life Members

Noel Mundy, TasCOSS Life Member

Noel is passionate about seeing every Tasmanian have the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

Kay Thompson, TasCOSS Life Member

” … it is the way we treat one another as work colleagues, contemporaries and friends that can make the biggest difference … “

John Stuart, TasCOSS Life Member

Hailing from Tasmania’s North West coast, John spent 35 years in …

Cecily Gilson, TasCOSS Life Member

“In its early days when I first “met” TasCOSS, the organisation had no permanent office, no money, no paid staff …”

Ann Hughes, TasCOSS Life Member

Ann Hughes worked as Director for the next 18 months or so – sometimes paid only for a day or two per week …

Dorothy Pearce, TasCOSS Life Member

Commitment to community – our first Life Member.