Planning for Tasmania’s Fastest Growing Industry Sector

Across Australia, the health and community services sector is experiencing the fastest growth of any industry; the same is true in Tasmania. More than 10,000 Tasmanians work in the community services sector, accounting for nearly 4% of the State’s total workforce. Although community service workers often fly under the radar in our towns and cities, we are everywhere—working to enrich the lives of Tasmanians who need us.

In late 2016 TasCOSS successfully gained funding from Skills Tasmania through its Workforce Development Grant Program. This funding will assist Tasmania’s community services sector to maintain its high quality and agility, particularly in the face of the significant and rapid change facing the sector. Reforms such as market-led competition based funding (NDIS, Aged-care), commissioning of services, and the increasing emphasis on consumer-directed care and outcomes-based funding and reporting are just some of the factors impacting on the sector’s workforce.

A Steering Committee has been convened to drive the formation of a comprehensive workforce development plan that will help our sector maintain and grow its skills. We have also engaged a local consultancy firm to work with us in the development of this plan. Stenning and Associates and The Work Lab have deep and significant experience in industry workforce development planning and related projects.

There will be a number of opportunities for the Tasmanian Community Sector to be involved in this project during 2017, including through surveys, interviews and roundtable discussions.

We value your experience and insights and would be grateful if you could contribute whenever and however you are able in the development of this plan. With your help our sector will continue to develop and create real job opportunities for Tasmanians.

Project Manager

Lisa Schimanski – Project Manager, Workforce Development, TasCOSS (Hobart)

Steering Committee


Stenning and Associates with The Work Lab (Hobart)

Project Manager Sam Waterhouse

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