The relationship between citizens and their governments is changing but we don’t know what it looks like yet.
Like many of the institutions we thought unshakeable, the way we do government, our representative democracy, is up for grabs.

All over the world citizen-led movements are popping up, in response to their governments’ handling of a range of areas such as the global financial crisis, the refugee crisis, climate change.

We are ready for shared, collaborative leadership approaches between government and its citizens.

That means realising that we are the leaders of our own lives and have potential to lead our families, friends and communities toward a more equal future.

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TasCOSS Training Opportunities

TasCOSS is pleased to offer a suite of exciting training and personal development opportunities in 2019.

Asking the Right Questions

If our State is ready to be asking how our elected Members can better represent us, then we are ready to ask what the best way to do that really is.

Local Government Democracy Puts Power in Our Hands

When we actively participate in our democracy we show that we care about our communities and want to be heard. 


Our Vision: All Tasmanians are given access to and the opportunity for meaningful and stable work.

Build a Tasmanian Budget for a Lasting Legacy

How do we break the cycle for our politicians? How do we empower them to celebrate big funding decisions into universal and preventive services with the same level of celebration as the big infrastructure spends or acute health bed increases?

State Budget: Long-term Investment Needed

“We want to see a government brave enough to invest outside of its election cycle.”