Join the Hands Off Our Charities Campaign

TasCOSS has joined ACOSS in strong opposition to the ‘Federal Donations’ Bill that will constrain the voices of charities and not-for-profits in Australia.

The Foreign Donations Bill currently before Federal Parliament will impact on our sector’s right to advocate for the people that we represent.

That is why ACOSS and TasCOSS along with dozens of other charities have come together to campaign on this issue.

The Bill will ban charities from receiving international philanthropy or foreign donations for advocacy and introduce a new compliance burden on all charities undertaking advocacy on federal issues.

The Bill places a new, undue compliance burden on all charities and not-for-profits engaged in advocacy on issues deemed likely to be debated during an election.

If enacted, charities will not be able to use international philanthropy or foreign donations to advocate on issues that are vital to the people and communities we work with.

Overall, it would have a silencing effect on advocacy by charities and not-for-profits.

The Hands Off Our Charities campaign aims to send a message to politicians about the risks this Bill could pose to our democracy, and to ensure that charities who receive international philanthropy can continue to advocate for the people and communities they work with.

ACOSS and the Hands Off Our Charities campaign have been active on this issue to ensure the voices of civil society continue to be heard in the public debate.

Join us in the campaign by signing up here.

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