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TasCOSS can provide general support and assistance to Members to access information and advice relevant to your needs in the area of Industrial Relations.

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COVID-19 Issues Register

TasCOSS is taking on the key coordinating role for the community service industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most important priorities in this is providing a channel to government for the issues you identify across the industry.

Supporting Tasmanians by Supporting our Industry

The Premier’s announcement demonstrates strong leadership that puts the wellbeing of Tasmanians first and will assist to ensure we are well placed to respond to the challenges we will all face in the months ahead.

Tasmania, let’s help each other through this (The Examiner Talking Point, 21/03/20)

By their very nature, Tasmanians are supportive of those in need and the state benefits from a robust community services sector. But the coming months will be a challenging time for all, writes Simone Zell.

COSS Network Statement: As impact of COVID-19 grows, survey shows vital community services sinking with demand

The not-for-profit community service sector provides services we all rely on, both during crisis, and over our lifetimes. Community services include childcare and aged care; as well as support for people in times of great need, such as when they’re escaping domestic violence, facing homelessness or struggling to feed their families.

COVID-19 Community Services Industry Noticeboard

Keep up to date with changes to service arrangements and closures due to the increasing precautions taken by community service organisations in response to COVID-19.