Local people know their communities best and know what will make a difference, but don’t always have the resources needed to effect that change.

TasCOSS seeks to speak to Tasmanians in their communities to amplify these vital voices so they are heard clearly by decision makers and governments.

We want to work with communities to build capacity to take action, initiate and achieve the change they want to see.

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State Budget: Long-term Investment Needed

“We want to see a government brave enough to invest outside of its election cycle.”

Results of the South East Region Jobs Survey

A common theme was the need to support alternative work models for professionals and to foster creative means of employment.

Child Protection: Why Wouldn’t We?

So when we ask the question “why wouldn’t we” – the only “why” is politics. 

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Results of the Derwent Valley Jobs Survey

A common theme that arose was the need to support the next generation to succeed and prosper in the Derwent Valley.

Consumer Voices Vital Part of Health System

“All government services, especially healthcare, are improved when the needs of people, as consumers and as human beings, are at the core of the service.”

Joint Statement from Community Sector on Responses to Housing & Homeless in Hobart

Every day in Tasmania, the Housing Connect partners, Anglicare, Colony 47, Hobart City Mission, the Salvation Army and CatholicCare are on the ground working with people who are severely disadvantaged including people who are currently experiencing housing stress.

Joint Shelter Tas and TasCOSS Statement: Housing Summit 15 March, 2018

We will ensure Tasmania does not make knee jerk reactions that may result in short term solutions and further disadvantage people in the longer term.