Local people know their communities best and know what will make a difference, but don’t always have the resources needed to effect that change.

TasCOSS seeks to speak to Tasmanians in their communities to amplify these vital voices so they are heard clearly by decision-makers and governments.

We want to work with communities to build capacity to take action, initiate and achieve the change they want to see.


Over 50 years TasCOSS has made a difference in the lives of so many Tasmanians.

Government in Denial: Budget Priorities Leave Tasmanians Behind

“This is not the game-changing budget Tasmanians need. We have seen this Budget before — it has been delivered again and again. And we cannot expect to see different results until the government opens up to investing differently and directly in Tasmanians.”

Results of the West Coast Region Jobs Consultation

A stand out theme across the whole region was the opportunity to access vacant buildings across the community for various developments and initiatives.

Licensing Changes Leave Young Tasmanians Behind

In Taroona-Bonnet Hill, for example, 18.6% of the age 17-24 population were granted a licence in 2016-17 compared to 6.8% of the age 17-24 population in Clarendon Vale and 9.3% in Smithton.

2017/18 TasCOSS Annual Report

Read a summary of TasCOSS activities during 2017/18.

2018 Tasmania Report: Time to Turn it Around

The potential of one-quarter of our people to participate in the social and economic opportunities our state offers and to live a good life is denied them by barriers that are not of their making. Turning that around would be a game-changer for the future of our state.

Bringing Voices of Families, Parents & Carers to the Working Together for 3 Year Olds’ Program Design

Involved families will be invited to take part in regular conversations with us to talk about their experiences, what’s working well about WT3, and what could be improved. Parents and carers will receive a voucher for each conversation to recognise the value of their time and expertise.

Results of the Break O’Day Region Jobs Consultation

A common theme was the need to find sustainable industries for the winter months and to have training opportunities with local job outcomes attached.