Derwent Valley Jobs Survey: We Need Your Local Knowledge

We all know there are barriers to employment and work opportunities in the Derwent Valley.

We want to figure out how we can take those barriers down, but to do that we need your help.

The Community Innovation and Investment Project (CIIP) is about getting local people to make the decisions about the future of employment in their region.

The first step of the project starts right here. We need to know what works and what doesn’t right now, and we want to know your big ideas for the future.

The initial survey will guide you through a range of questions. Don’t be afraid to be honest, or creative.

Project manager Amy Bailey said that to achieve real lasting change in regional areas we must look at new ways of doing things.

“We want to help you build a community with strong employment opportunities, to do that we need your input because local people know their communities best,” Ms Bailey said.

“We know you’re busy and appreciate your time is valuable so we’ll make the best use of the time you commit to the project.”

After we have gathered your thoughts, we will group your ideas into themes and bring them back to the community as a group to decide which ones might work best.

From there, we will help the community group to turn these ideas into action.

Fill out the survey now

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Advocacy Kit: Energy & Low Income Tasmanians

TasCOSS has compiled an Advocacy Kit to support you and your organisation advocate on behalf of low income Tasmanians coping with electricity costs. In addition to facts and statistics, the Kit contains the voices of Tasmanians talking about their experiences with paying energy costs and staying warm.

Community Sector Industry Plan: Members of the Steering Committee

The Members of the Tasmanian Community Sector Industry Plan are drawn from across the breadth of our sector.

Results of the Break O’Day Region Jobs Consultation

A common theme was the need to find sustainable industries for the winter months and to have training opportunities with local job outcomes attached.

TasCOSS Submission to the Employment Service Expert Advisory Panel

We believe there is an opportunity in the re-design of employment services in Tasmania to create a system that supports job seekers to become confident participants in our society and economy.

Short-Stay Accommodation: TasCOSS Submission to the Legislative Council

Regulation of the short-stay accommodation sector should be driven by the needs of Tasmanians, not of corporations, with particular focus on rental availability and affordability for low-income Tasmanians.

A Case of Upside Down?

Households must not subsidise big corporations under the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

TasCOSS Submission to Support School Transport & the NDIS Discussion Paper

More data is required before a conclusion can be drawn as to whether existing systems should be retained and expanded or whether NDIS should cover supported school transport.

Advocacy in budget estimates

While it can appear to be an exercise in political point scoring, in between the rhetoric and retorts there is a lot that we can take away from budget estimates in Parliament this week