Consumer Voices Vital Part of Health System

TasCOSS welcomes Primary Health Tasmania’s announcement that Tasmanians will now have a place to champion the needs of local healthcare consumers.

“This announcement recognises clear evidence that consumer-led healthcare generates improved outcomes,” TasCOSS CEO Kym Goodes said.

“We know Tasmanians were consulted throughout the process leading to this decision and will welcome its recognition of the consumer voice as essential to good healthcare.

“All government services, especially healthcare, are improved when the needs of people, as consumers and as human beings, are at the core of the service.

“This decision recognises that Tasmanians are the experts on their own lives and want to be active participants in their healthcare.”

Ms Goodes said consumer involvement in healthcare leads to improvements in levels of health literacy at services and among medical and allied health practitioners generally.

“Tasmania’s low levels of functional literacy can make healthcare seem impenetrable, creating a barrier to improved health from a person’s first interaction with a service or practitioner.

“We look forward to the collaboration between consumers, practitioners and policy makers that this heralds and congratulate Primary Health Tasmania on this meaningful change to Tasmania’s health system.”

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