2017/2018 Budget priorities

The TasCOSS Budget Prorities Statement 2017/18 presents a challenge to Government – a different way of working together for solutions to growing economic and social inequities.  We know that solutions and innovation are sitting within our communities and there is a genuine desire to co-design and work together to achieve change.
Overall TasCOSS proposes:

  • The co-design of a Community Innovation and Investment Framework
  • Work with communities to build their capacity to have a voice
  • The trialling of community-driven solutions – initially focussing on employment
  • A regional trial to understand how local actions can address transport disadvantage and unemployment
  • Allocation of a Community Innovation and Investment resource to enable action

This year, TasCOSS also worked collaboratively with both the Community Sector Peak Bodies Network and a wider group of Tasmanian Peak Sector Organisations to develop two additional Budget Priorities Statements.

The Tasmanian Community Sector Peak Body Network Budget Priorities Statement 2017/18  provides a shared Tasmanian Government Priority statement for the Tasmanian Community Services Peak Network who work collaboratively to support the needs of the Tasmanian not for profit sector and population groups of interest.

The Joint Statement of Aspirations for Tasmanian Peak Sector Organisations partners include the Council on theAgeing (COTA), Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT), Aged & Community Services Tasmania,  Master Builders Tasmania and the Tasmanian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance. This ground-breaking document demonstrates the strength of cross-sector partnerships and our shared vision for Tasmania to Government.

More News

Tackle poverty like road safety (The Mercury Talking Point, 18/10/19)

Kym Goodes says reducing entrenched, generational poverty requires leadership.

Kym’s enews Message — 17 October 2019

Our Federal Government is making a choice, and that choice is to to keep 120,000 Tasmanians living in poverty. Solving entrenched Tasmanian issues such as poverty is not simple, but it is possible, and to do so we must prioritise addressing the barriers which reinforce it.

Working Together for 3 Year Olds (WT3)

The Department of Education has completed a review of the Working Together for 3 Year Olds (WT3) pilot to which TasCOSS contributed findings from our conversations with participating families.

Anti-Poverty Week 2019 Events in Tasmania

Anti-Poverty Week supports the Australian community to have an increased understanding of poverty and to take collective action to end it. Find out more and register for a Anti-Poverty Week 2019 event in your area.

Community Innovation and Investment Project

As part of the Community Innovation and Investment Project the Local Action Group in the South East designed the South East Employment Hub (SE@RCH). SE@RCH is a pilot employment program being managed by Colony 47, that seeks to support local people and communities achieve their employment objectives.

Australian Energy Regulator Values of Customer Reliability Surveys

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is undertaking a study to determine how much customers value a reliable supply of electricity from the electricity grid. The results of the study will help the AER ensure electricity providers invest the right amount in electricity infrastructure, balancing reliability and affordability to deliver power to customers.

Submission to Senate Inquiry into Newstart and Related Payments

TasCOSS’s submission to this inquiry includes the stories of these lives told in the voices of those who live them. They are stories of anxiety, hunger, fear, stigma, poor health, isolation and despair.

TasCOSS Life Membership

TasCOSS’s Life Members demonstrate true leadership qualities. Life Membership is awarded at the discretion of the TasCOSS Board for outstanding service to TasCOSS and the Tasmanian community service industry.